SUpport for Dementia Caregivers

Weekly Sessions

These weekly sessions are schedule for every Tuesday. This is a great way to add some much needed decompression time to your schedule. Each session is an hour long and no previous art experience is required.

Monthly Sessions

These sessions occur every second Thursday of the month and is a great way for you try out engaging in therapeutic art. Each session is an hour and no previous art experience is necessary. Registration for our March session is now open.

Why therapeutic art?

Learn new coping tools

Reconnect with yourself

Create a positive support network

Self expression beyond words

This is not about the finished product but the process of art making

No previous art experience required

You would be a good fit for the group if…

You are someone who is caring for a person living with dementia

You are looking for support outside traditional therapy

You are looking for support from others in a similar situation

This group might not be good fit for you if…

You are not ready to invest time in yourself

You are living with dementia

You cannot safely leave your person with dementia alone

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the group structure?

This group is about giving you space to be in your own energy with no expectations. With that in mind I have designed it to flow as follows:
Mindfulness and grounding
Art experience

I can’t draw a stick figure but I love creativity, can I join?

Absolutely! No previous art experience is required, just an openness to try something new and maybe play a little.

How long is the group?

Each group runs for an hour

How is this different than the other support groups I hear about?

This is not a traditional support group. The attendance will fluctuate from session to session and I will not go around to everyone and have them share. So often in our lives, and especially as caregivers, we are always giving something of ourselves. Even if we want to do so. We very rarely are allowed a space to just BE and exists. No expectations. This group is for you to set time aside for yourself to slow down for a moment and connect with yourself. You do not have to explain anything to anyone, answer any questions, share if you do not want to, or offer opinions.

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