Let’s talk creativity. In Part One of this series, we discussed finding the time to be creative. Today I want to encourage you to reclaim your creativity and remind you that even if it has been dormant for awhile, it never leaves you completely.

I am speaking to those of you who put your creative side aside because life happened—you had to raise your kids, manage a job, or care for someone with dementia—I understand. That was me.

Society pushes us to set creativity on the back burner, making us forget that it was ever a part of our identity. But I see you, and I know you miss it.

So, how do you get back into being creative after such a long time? If you find yourself daydreaming, missing it, and looking at coloring books in the bookstore but never finding the time or motivation to start, you’re not alone. You may even have all the supplies with the best intentions, yet never get around to it.

How do you make time and reclaim that part of yourself? It starts with intention, but you can do it. That creative part of you is important and valuable. Reclaiming it will make you a better caregiver and a better overall person. Embrace it.

I believe there are two types of creativity: Big C Creativity, which involves showing your work to the world (like being in a play, performing music, or displaying artwork), and Little C Creativity, which is more private.

Little C Creativity is something we do more often than we realize. It can be making art for yourself, playing music privately, songwriting, cooking up new recipes, or even expressing yourself through your clothing. It could be something as simple as picking fun socks that only you know about.

And here is a reminder: Creativity comes in many forms. As children, many of us engaged in creative activities like building with Legos, making art, or playing music. However, society often undervalues creativity, seeing it as unproductive. This mindset can lead us to set our creative pursuits aside in favor of a more “productive” lifestyle.

But setting creativity aside doesn’t mean you are no longer creative. It just means it has been on pause. You can always reclaim it.

creative caregiver hobbies

Here are some ways you may already be flexing your creativity muscle and not even be aware of it:
💚 Working in your yard and gardening
💚 Trying that new recipe or experimenting with different flavor combinations
💚 Building with Legos
💚 How you put your outfit together in the morning
💚 Thinking outside the box to problem solve
💚 Being curious about the world

Whether or not you currently identify as creative, you are. It’s just a matter of weaving that creative part into your life. 

I believe you are creative, and I’m here to help you find and reclaim that part of yourself. Let’s reintegrate it into your everyday life.

And because I love a good visual, I created a chart to help you discover if you are creative. Just in case you needed some convincing. 💚

are you creative caregiver